Charles Thomson Rees Wilson

Material science now has the clear possibility and promise of the systematic utilization of all the natural resources of the earth for the good of the whole human race . . . Maintaining and improving the standard of living of all the peoples of the earth through increasing use of mechanical horsepower and the scientific approach is now one of the keys to peace in the world.

The natural consequence of a planned destruction of the economic power of private corporations would be the transfer or that power to government. It would not actually be destroyed. We would simply have big government corporations. Today the people have recourse against monopoly and inefficiency in private business . . .There is no recourse against government monopoly and inefficiency.

The primary purpose of good corporation management is to keep a company in business indefinitely. They must look ahead and plan for depression risks, competition, obsolescence, exhaustion of natural resources, population movements, fashion changes, and political attack. They must grow reserves against hard times, improve and lower the cost of their products, stabilize the security of their workers as much as possible, and make the public like and desire their company as a community and national asset.

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