Horace Walpole

All his own geese are swans, as the swans of others are geese.

All his passions were expressed by one livid smile.

At Madame du Deffand's, an old blind débauchée of wit [Charles-Jean-François Hénault].

At present, nothing is talked of, nothing admired, but what I cannot help calling a very insipid and tedious performance: it is a kind of novel, called The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy; the great humour of which consists in the whole narration always going backwards.

But, thank God! the Thames is between me and the Duchess of Queensberry.

By the waters of Babylon we sit down and weep, when we think of thee, O America!

Da ich alt sein und die Gicht haben muß, nutze ich diese Nachteile seit langem gut aus und schiebe sie bei jeder Gelegenheit vor, wenn sie mich davor bewahren können, etwas zu tun, was ich nicht mag.

Dankbarkeit ist ein wacher Sinn für künftige Gunstbezeugungen.

Das Leben ist für Denkende eine Komödie und für Fühlende eine Tragödie.

Erfahrene Propheten warten die Ereignisse ab.

Every drop of ink in my pen ran cold.

Everybody talks of the constitution, but all sides forget that the constitution is extremely well, and would do very well, if they would but let it alone.

He lost his dominions in America, his authority over Ireland, and all influence in Europe, by aiming at despotism inEngland; and exposed himself to more mortifications and humiliations than can happen to a quiet Doge of Venice.

His courage and his tenderness were never disunited. He was dauntless on every occasion, but when it was necessary to surmount his bashfulness.

His speeches were fine, but as much laboured as his extempore sayings.

History makes one shudder and laugh by turns.

I am persuaded that foolish writers and foolish readers are created for each other; and that fortune provides readers as she does mates for ugly women.

I firmly believe, notwithstanding all our complaints, that almost every person upon earth tastes upon the totality more happiness than misery.

In all science error precedes the truth, and it is better it should go first than last.

It is charming to totter into vogue.

It is the story of a mountebank and his zany.

It was easier to conquer it [the East] than to know what to do with it.

Men are often capable of greater things than they perform. They are sent into the world with bills of credit, and seldom draw to their full extent.

Nicht auf das Leben kommt es an, sondern auf den Schwung, mit dem wir es anpacken.

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