Magill David M

One of my favorite stories is about a dreamer whose name was Hanry Comstock. Henry was a miner of precious metals whose story took place in the American west in the mid 1800s. Henry found a mine, staked his claim and dug until he found his treasure. He unearthed a little bit of ore; but he knew there was more to be found in that mine. So he picked and scratched, always convinced that somewhere there had to be the mother lode. He was determined to find it. He was really going to make it big. The days turned to weeks, the weeks to months, the months to years and finally he gave up in 1859 when someone offered him $11.000 for his claim. In those days that was a lot of money. Henry Comstock looked at the buyer and said: You've made yourself a deal. You've got yourself a mine. And the person who bought it dug a little deeper – just a few feet deeper – and the mother lode was found. Whithin a short period of time, the Comstock mine produced $340 million! Dreams take work, they take practice, they take patience and, sometimes, they require you to dig deeper. (Dt. Übersetzung im RB-Editorial Heft 3/97)

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