Robert Andrews Millikan

Fullness of knowledge always and necessarily means some understanding of the depths of our ingorance, and that is always conducive to both humility and reverence.

Just how we fit into the plans of the Great Architect and how much He has assigned us to do, we do not know, but if we fail in our assignment it is pretty certain that part of the job will be left undone. But fit in we certainly do somehow, else we would not have a sense of our own responsibility. A purely materialistic philosophy is to me the height of unintelligence.

My definition of an educated person is one who can concentrate on one subject for more than 2 minutes.

Our great problem of the new post-war age will be not how to produce, but how to use; not how to create, but how to co-operate; not how to maim and to kill, but how to live.

Three ideas stand out above all others in the influence they have exerted and are destined to exert upon the development of the human race: The idea of the Golden Rule; the idea of natural law; the idea of age-long growth or evolution.

Vollständiges Wissen muß auch Verständnis für die Tiefe unseres Unwissens einschließen. Diese Einstellung fördert Bescheidenheit und Ehrfurcht.

We have come from somewhere and are going somewhere. The great architect of the universe never built a stairway that leads to nowhere.

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